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Telecom Contract Negotiation

Former telecom carrier executives using their insider knowledge and powerful buying power to save your company money.

Total Management

Expertel offers fully integrated mobile management services. From 7 days a week help desk support, to complete carrier invoice auditing and continuous service optimization.

Cell Phone Help Desk

Whether your users need to add a roaming package, or a replacement phone, Expertel’s dedicated 7 day week a weak help desk will be there to support your users.


Looking for a bidding war? Expertel has over a decade of experience in ensuring your company receive’s the strong offer from each carrier, while keeping the process simple.

Visual Bill + Artificial Intelligence

The first wireless expense management tool featuring artificial intelligence to save your company every month. From monthly cost optimization, to finding carrier billing errors, your one click away from savings!

MDM Implementation & Management

Managing mobility is our forte. Expertel can help you choose the right MDM for your company, along with providing ongoing management and implementation.

Former telecom executivesworking to save your company money.


Expertel is the industry leader in wireless consulting services in North America. Serving clients across the continent with offices in both Canada as well as the United States, Expertel develops a variety of strategies and solutions to save you money in all areas of mobile communications and cellular contracts.

Simply put, Expertel has turned the table on cell phone contracts and carrier negotiations: The same individual whose goal was to maximize revenue from your accounts at the phone company, is now trying to generate maximum savings for your company. The script has been flipped, and they’ve decided to come to the other side of the fence. Your side. And the grass is certainly greener.


Telecom carriers are in the business of making money from companies like yours.  Expertel mission is to save your company as much money as possible, while increasing value.

We help companies in all industries and of all sizes. From small businesses with 50 devices, to multinational enterprises with 5,000+ devices. As long as your company has corporate cell phones or wireline services, we can help!

Absolutely not! One of the many advantages of working with Expertel is we let our clients decide if they would like us to shop the whole market and let carriers bid for their business, or just work to reduce their spend with their existing service provider.


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