Expertel is the industry leader in wireless
consulting services in North America

Contract Negotiation

There is no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to an industry with as many consumer barriers and contract discrepancies as mobile communications. Negotiating contracts with the big telecom companies can be an extremely intimidating process. Our team is comprised of individuals who used to work for the big mobile phone companies, have a vast knowledge of current rates and terms and conditions, and know all the tricks of the trade. Expertel’s negotiation services fall under two main categories:


Renegotiating Existing Contracts

Your business lives and dies by measures of efficiency, why should your mobile bills not be part of that? Expertel has renegotiated thousands of fixed and mobile contracts for companies around the world, providing dramatic savings to our clients while sticking with the same carrier and not having to complicate matters with a company switchover. It’s a simple way to save money for years to come.



Start the bidding war If your business is seeking a new cellular contract; we can create a bidding war for your business among several carriers in order to get you the best possible cost and most sensible wireless plan for your needs. Expertel’s unique ability to do so comes from years of experience in negotiating countless contracts for businesses around the world and knowing exactly how to communicate with the major mobile companies. Expertel’s proven method for carrier negotiations includes:

•   Discovering our clients’ needs and wants
•   Develop a pricing and technology strategy
•   Market rate and contract analysis
•   Rate negotiations
•   Terms and conditions analysis/negotiation
•   Contract finalization
•   Compliance verification

When negotiating with cellular carriers, knowledge is power. Expertel has a complete understanding of contract formulation, sale and implementation from top to bottom, and wants to pass that advantage on to you.

Why Use Expertel?

Insider Knowledge

With over 80% of Expertel’s team being made up of former telecom industry veterans, Expertel’s insider knowledge of the latest rates, discounts, and features is unparalleled.

Volume Based Leverage

Expertel represents over 100,000+ wireless services.   This gives us a powerful negotiating position with the carriers.

Aligned Goals

Since Expertel’s contract negotiating services are always contingency based, we only get paid as long as your company saves. The more we save, the more we get paid!

Benchmarked Data

Expertel negotiates wireless contract virtually on a daily basis.  We are able to benchmark carrier offers with similarly sized contracts from our other clients.  This ensure carriers always puts their best foot forward.