Learn how Expertel iQ works

Easy to read dashboard

Powered by artificial intelligence

Spots bill errors and finds savings

Integrates seamlessly with all your carriers

Highlighted Features

The Dashboard

The Expertel iQ dashboard gives you a clear, easy-to-read overview of your current wireless usage and spending. Select the savings recommendations and invoice changes you want to make with just one click.

The Optimizer

The Optimizer is always learning about how you use your wireless services and what you’re spending. It uses that knowledge to optimize on a continuous basis. If you have something you’re paying for that you’re not using, the Optimizer will spot it. You’ll be sure that you’re saving as much as possible while still keeping all the stuff you need.

The Auditor

The Auditor is all about the details, analyzing your wireless features and services, usage on a user-by-user level and company-wide spending. We’ll notice any carrier contract changes or billing errors by combing through all the fine print so you don’t have to.

The Marketwatcher

The Marketwatch compares your wireless usage and spending with other similar companies to let you know if you’re over or under the market average. We can even tell you by how much.

Some more great features

Easy to read account dashboard with visually-driven data

Continuous savings optimization always
at work

Spot bill errors and
account changes

you might not notice

Compares your wireless costs to other
companies like yours

Sends data projections and alerts via artificial intelligence

Completely automated carrier synchronization (you don’t have to do anything).

Serves up automatic cost center allocations and manager reporting

Spots unused lines on your account

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